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How do create a in the classroom test Task?

There are essentially two options available. The first option allows you to create the task and specify the exact start and end time. Alternatively, you can create the tasks in advance without publishing them. When you're ready to administer the test, simply click the publish button, and the students can immediately begin working on the task. When the test concludes, use the block button to prevent any further edits by the students.

Where can the students see all their open tasks?

The student's Dashboard displays a comprehensive list of all open tasks that have not yet been submitted. By simply navigating to the Dashboard, the student will find the Tasks section automatically opened for easy access. The open tasks are conveniently sorted according to their respective end dates, ensuring a seamless organization.

Where can I see the Students task progress?

To access the Student Tasks list for a specific assignment, simply navigate to the Student Task grid. Here, you will find a comprehensive roster of all the students who have been assigned the task, along with detailed information about their progress. Discover whether a student has opened the task, submitted their work, or if there was a forced submission due to a time constraint or teacher intervention.

How can my principal or course leader view my lessons?

Within the ProScola system, each user, whether they be a teacher, principal, or student, is assigned specific roles, rights, and privileges by the system administrator. With these assigned privileges, a principal, for example, gains access to all lessons and tasks within those lessons.

What is the difference between local and global publishing?

By utilizing local publishing, teachers within the specific school where the ProScola app is being used can easily search for and access the lesson.

Furthermore, by globally publishing the lesson, it becomes accessible to every school and teacher using the ProScola app, across all instances.

A students got sick and did not finish a task, how to unlock the task for one student?

  • Access the lesson's task management grid and select the specific task you want to work on.
  • Then, navigate to the actions area for that task and click on the 'Student Task' button to open the grid displaying all the students' tasks.
  • Locate the row corresponding to the respective student and utilize the 'lock/unlock' button to manage their task accordingly.

Is there a function where I can download the student’s work?

Certainly! In the students' task, you can discover the option to download or print the entire task by simply clicking on the hamburger menu located in the upper left corner.

Does the system have a plagiarism detector for written essays?

No! The internet is teeming with exceptional plagiarism detection sites. However, we have made it incredibly easy for you to extract texts written by students from a task, allowing you to effortlessly conduct your preferred plagiarism checks.

All you need to do is click the "copy" button located in the top left corner of the students' task. This will instantly open a pop-up window displaying all of the student's written texts.

What happens if a student gets disconnected while working on a task?

In the vast majority of instances, ProScola has already safeguarded your work, preventing any loss of data. Each time you annotate, whether it be text or shapes, it is instantaneously stored. This means you never have to worry about saving your work at any point.


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