Why we are different.

Because ProScola was designed by teachers for teachers we put the lesson at the centre. The result is very different to what most teachers have experienced so far with edtech: it is less intrusive, easier to use and builds confidence.  From the beginning we set out to reduce teachers’ workload, which means we never expose teachers to the extra work many digital applications impose.  In fact, we can bring the tools already in use into one central place – the lesson! 

Intuitive, Lesson Centered

Our active timeline moves with you and your students throughout the day. It facilitates the teaching process, from presenting your lesson, to student exercise completion and homework management.

  • Teachers teach, mark, discipline and take absences.
  • Students learn, and upload their homework, assignments, and exams.
  • Teachers and students share the same layout and are notified together.
Active Timeline description
Lesson plan and 3 tasks-1


And much less effort!

Tasks connected to the lessons give a clear view of what exercises need to be done

  1. Students pick up their task, complete and submit it.
  2. Students have a connection to the lesson and can look up information needed to understand the task better in context.

No need for late deliveries or misunderstandings!

All on the Same Page

ProScola enables students and teachers to work on the same document

  • One file, multiple layers
  • No more file handling or file naming issues
  • Students work is automatically identified
  • Teachers marks are student specific
  • No upload or download needed
Task teacher student overlay together
Hub no internet

Digital education without stable internet!

Infrastructure doesn't need to be a barrier to learning

The internet is a variable resource around the world, both in terms of reliability and cost. In some locations the same is true for power. this can create challenges as most digital educational systems require continuous access to power and internet to function.