By Teachers, For Teachers

ProScola provides a platform by teachers for teachers, tailor made for schools and designed to reduce the teacher’s workload. In practice that means that everything teachers and students experience is in the context of the lesson, with no need to worry about folders, file naming or access rights.


Lesson Centered

Don’t manage content!

  • Enter data in Context
  • Access information in Context
  • Guide through Context

In ProScola the Teacher and the Lesson is the center.

You break up your curriculum into its parts, create lessons to teach and plan when you will teach them as you have always done. But now through the active timeline everyone has access to the right place at the right time!

Lesson Centered@3x
Documents combined to teacher view

Use your Existing Materials

Collation of teaching materials has always been a challenge – no one wants to stand by a printer! We combine all your resources so that all you have to do is teach. 

  • All media links and documents are intelligently combined to a single lesson plan
  • External applications can easily be incorporated into the lesson
  • This lesson plan will then appear on the timeline when you are ready to teach

ProScola Lesson Plan Template

As teachers, we know the importance of having structured lesson plans. This is why we created a central lesson plan template to cover the:

  • Goals
  • Path to Success
  • Task
  • Links
  • Documents
  • Learning Materials

Keeping you and your students on the same page all the time.

Lesson Plan description
Task 123 together

Task planning and creation

  • Integrated PDF markup of exercises guides learners on how to improve their next piece of work and where to focus.
  • Prompt return of marked homework improves the learning experience and accelerates the learning process.

Assist and control work

Lesson based tasks control and assistance monitor.
  • Who’s working?
  • Are you done yet?
  • Can we continue?
Student Tasks for WEB
123 Task work and correctionStaggered Marking@3x

Working in Layers.

By working with layers of input information from students and teachers, only one document is needed. This massively reduces data flow.

Solution Sheet Overlay

Toggle solution layer

A teacher can toggle the solution layer on or off. This gives the teacher the option to allow students to self correct their work.

This teachers` guide also ensures correct marking on exercises, homework, and exams.

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