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What aspect do you want us to prioritize?

When we conduct a demo, our goal is to ensure that you derive maximum benefit from it. Therefore, we would like to understand the challenges you face and the areas you would like to focus on.

You can choose any or all of these capabilities:

  • Seamlessly create a comprehensive lesson by merging various sources into a single PDF.
  • Have the ability to teach and highlight key points as you progress through your lesson.
  • Effortlessly generate homework and exercises for students with just a few clicks.
  • Utilize a timeline that keeps both students and teachers on track throughout the day.
  • Capture disciplinary actions taken during a lesson.
  • Experience a seamless and transparent process of correcting students' work online.
  • Enable students to keep track of their tasks through a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Provide students with access to lesson materials and the ability to make their own notes on them.
  • Create tests and include solutions to allow students to self-check their work.

When you reach out to us, please let us know which area you would like to focus on. Alternatively, we can provide you with an overview and you can decide where you would like more details. We are always open to arranging a second demo or allowing you to test the software in your own environment.